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Andrew's Outback Love

Outback Australia Series Book 1

Dr. Andrew Lowman is an Australian Eye Specialist who has a passion for restoring sight to those who would otherwise endure life with poor eyesight or blindness.

Medical facilities are not easily accessed in the wide-open spaces and isolation of the outback where the air is hot, flies are plenty and life is tough for those on the land.

Thanks to the Flying Doctor Service, Andrew and his team are flown in to a cattle station near Bourke, NSW, where they conduct a regular clinic for the Aboriginals and others on the land in the area. Their time is divided between two stations and the town of Bourke itself. They follow this routine every second week, giving the outback a service it wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Become a part of the outback – the land, they call home.

A land as beautiful as it is harsh. A land which captures the hearts of all those who live on her.




No 2 Best Seller on Amazon

December 2018, January 2019

Ruby EBook.jpg

Ruby's Outback Love

Outback Australia Series Book 2

A small country town in outback Australia, home to the mighty Darling River.

Where skies are bluer than blue, flies and Mozzies abound and wide-open spaces and fresh country air regenerate the spirit.

It was this small town her heart led her back to after fifteen long years away. The place where Ruby's heart had always belonged.

Securing a position with the Flying Doctor Service and working for a local doctor was like a dream come true - she was ready to give back to the people who had done so much to help her.

Her own home, jobs she loved, a family, and friends she adored. Life was good, until.....Phil was a man who had grown up with Ruby and he'd had his eye on her for years. 

He'd intended to marry her as soon as he had qualified as a cop and she had qualified as a nurse.

So, what caused everything to go so horribly wrong?

Will a disaster bring them together?

Or will they forever be separated by mistakes from the past?


on release day - 5 July 2019



Eight Letters EBook.jpg

Eight Letters

Caitlin was used to living in abandoned buildings, or derelict houses.

She didn't expect much out of life.

All she wanted was a better life for her brother and eight letters.

Sam was a successful architect on his way to the top of the industry.

The last thing he needed was a relationship with a woman in charge of her little brother.

And, what the hell were the eight letters all about?

No 1 Best Seller
on Amazon US
May 2019
Set in Sydney, Australia

Susan Horsnell - Yesterdays Crush EBOOK cover.jpg

Yesterday's Crush

Lyndsay Richards is an experienced national park ranger, so why is she missing in a National Park she knows as well as the back of her hand?
A chance sighting of a missing poster brings secret memories of a high school crush flooding back for Detective Rick Masters and he takes it upon himself to investigate her disappearance. He's determined to find her and bring her back home in time for Christmas.
Will Lyndsay survive being injured; away from the well trodden path?
Has Rick finally been given a second chance to capture the heart of the girl of his dreams?
Novellette set in a fictional Sydney, Australia national park.


Healing Jarrod

At 38 years old, Jarrod Turner has everything - literally.
A successful chain of hotels in five countries.
Private 727 jet.

Fleet of cars - Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Sports.
A Harley Davidson Softail.
And, a cruising yacht berthed at the bottom of the garden of his waterfront home.
Yep, he had everything.
So what was it which brought back bitter memories, year after year and prevented him from moving on with his life?
Would he ever learn to live in the present instead of the past?


Love in the Outback

After a decade of travel and living out of a suitcase, Emmalynne Peters is fed up with the world of modeling.
Her heart calls her in another direction and she finds herself in the town of Longreach, Queensland. A land baked dry under relentless summer suns, washed away in raging floods, and burned to a crisp by savage fires.
Where men were bred tough, had work-roughened hands and big hearts - men like Nick Johnson.
So she packed her bags for the last time and walked away - straight into the Australian outback, a place where she’d always thought she belonged.
Has Emmalynne not only found the land she’d been pining for, but also the love of her life? Would the month of March turn out to be one she would never forget?
Come and discover the rugged outback and the people who give it beauty and life.

CEOs Outback Gal.jpg

The CEO's


Elizabeth loved the wide open spaces, isolation, and cattle station she had grown up on in the top end of Australia, but after years of dust storms, drought, and smelly cattle, she was ready for a change.
She wanted to dip her toes into the waters of the big city, so Sydney, NSW, was where she headed off to on her adventure.
Hudson was busy running a multi-billion dollar corporation and had no time for anyone serious in his life. Or so he thought.
He was frozen in place when the gorgeous brunette appeared in his life, and for the first time ever—speechless.
But, there is more than what meets the eyes with this pair, and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting when the CEO finds out he’s the new boss of his outback gal. 
Could this seemingly mismatched pair actually be a romantic match made in heaven?

RELEASE DATE: 23 June 2023

TryAngel EBook.jpg



Nathan McKenzie had been with the Richmond Cougars NRL team all his life, and for the past six years, he’d been their captain.

Time on his career was fast running out, but there was still one goal he hadn’t achieved…

He’d never played in a grand final, let alone won the coveted Proven-Summons Trophy.

His desire to hold the coveted trophy over his head was strong. His determination was even stronger.

Would Nathan take his team all the way, or would fate intervene in the form of a TryAngel?

RELEASE DATE: 15 December 2023

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