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Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon

 in Sept/Oct 2018

Eric is the love of Penny’s life, her one and only.


Why does she marry his best friend?

What happens to place her daughter, Larissa in danger?

Can Eric save her?

Will these two finally find happiness? afoot?

Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon

 in Sept/Oct 2018

The last thing Kyle Johnson needs is to look after a couple of rich, privileged brats who fancy a taste of ranch life.

He’s a rancher not a babysitter.

Taylah Richards has lived in the big city all her life and hates it so, she can’t wait to unwind by spending two peaceful weeks on a ranch.


Arguments, accidents, and two men fighting over one girl – the fortnight is anything but peaceful.

 Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon

 in September 2019

Claire is left alone and desperate after her parents are killed in a stagecoach accident.


She is the only heir to their successful horse ranch but she risks losing everything.

Peter dreams of retiring from being a Marshall and owning a ranch of his own.


When he is asked to be Claire's Mail Order husband, he cannot say no.

Will Claire survive to be with the man who has finally broken through her barriers and captured her heart?

Charlotte Campbell has not had the best start in life. She had a mother who didn’t care about her and, a father who wished she’d never been born.


When he becomes hell-bent on marrying her off to someone three times her age, she knows it’s time to get out. An ad for a governess could not have come at a better time.

Harrison Tate desperately needs someone to take control of his renegade girls. Having lost his wife, murdered by her brother, he has spoiled them and allowed them to run riot. He places an ad for a Governess.

When Charlotte arrives, Harrison is shocked by the stuck-up fiery red head. It takes every ounce of his control not to put her on the next train back to Tulsa.


Trouble is, he needs her and, so do his girls.

Will Charlotte win over the out of control, sassy little girls?

What will place her life in grave danger and threaten her happiness?

When young archaeology student, Mitchell, discovers some unusual items, while digging up a paddock, he believes it could be a major find.

Following his instinct, Mitchell risks his job and refuses to dig any further until Professor Phinneus Groves, the most respected archaeologist from the university gives him the all clear.

Will the find be significant?

Go back in time, to the early 19th Century and discover the Legend of a tribe of Native American Indians.

Hundreds of bones are uncovered when a mine sealed in the 19th Century is disturbed by an earthquake.

Olivia and Callum are tasked with solving the mystery of who the bones are, and why they are there.

Within days, identities are uncovered. All, except for one skeleton which doesn’t come from the present.

The mystery will take Callum and Olivia back into the days of the Old West. A story of cattle rustling, murder and the desire for another man’s wife will unfold.

Join the detectives as they piece together the clues and lay the secret to rest

Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon

 in Sept/Oct 2018

March/April/May/September/October/November 2019

One week before he is due to marry, Dallas Rogers leaves the family who had given him a second chance at life.

When he is deceived by his fiancé, Dallas sets out to be on his own. He encounters an abandoned dog and the two become close companions as they travel over the mountain range in search of a new home.

After being shot at and thrown from his horse, he suffers a life threatening head injury. Emily Parker takes responsibility for his care and recovery, after all, it was her crazy grandmother who shot the poor stranger.

Will Dallas recover and lose his heart to the feisty girl or will past experiences leave him unforgiving and bitter?

Bonus Content:

3 Short Stories –

Verity’s Saviour, Mountain Maiden,

Petticoat Patrol

The year is 1869

The place - the wilds of Texas.
Abigail's family are grief stricken when she mysteriously disappears after heading out for a ride,something she has done hundreds of time without incident.

Chase is a Ranger who has become besotted with the young girl, he's convinced fate has intervened and given him the love of his life and he's got no intention of giving her up.

Who are the people keeping her safe?

And, what is their secret?

Chantilly 'Tilly' Lace O'Malley is a corset wearing, gun toting, whisky drinking saloon owner.


She can out-cuss, out-shoot and out-ride any man.


The year is 1870 - women like Tilly are rare.


Can Gareth break through her fears to win her heart?


Does he even want to try?


Note: Some of the language in this story is not historically correct but is used to enhance the story.

Emma has loved Cody all her life but he sees her only as his little sister's friend.

When she returns after four years away, nothing has changed.

Insisting on caring for Zoe who has been left in a wheelchair after an accident, Emma moves into the ranch.

How will she cope with the man of her dreams on a daily basis?

Will he realize his feelings too late?

The Civil War, the death of his brother, the loss of his sister-in-law and unborn child - how much more can a young man endure?
Annabel’s mother is disowned by her family and murdered as a whore. For two years the young girl is tortured, beaten and denied the basics of life. She is on the run from not only her grandfather, but all men.
Will these two tortured souls find a way to help each other heal or will a tragedy tear them apart forever?


Condensed version appeared in The Dirty Dozen: Princess Edition Anthology.

Loosely based on the fairytale - Pocahontas.

Atalia “Pocahontas” Sweetwater is a savvy lawyer.

She is determined to better the life of her people, particularly the women.

She is loyal to the Howlani Indian tribe and proud of her ancestry.

Her father is Chief, she is a Princess.

Justus ‘Whitecloud’ Rivers is also a talented lawyer.

He is a man who likes to defend white men over Indians.

A man bitter about his past and his half caste ancestry.

A man who wants nothing to do with the Howlani or any other Indian tribe.

Then, he encounters Pocahontas and the world as he knows it is turned upside down.

Abigail Miller helps run her mother’s diner in the town of Hopeful, Colorado.

How could any man possibly be interested in her when she considers herself too tall, too plain and not curvy enough? A head of curls which refuse to be tamed also doesn’t help.

Working from sun up to sun down, with the exception of Sunday mornings off to attend church, doesn’t leave much time for courting, so she is resigned to her fate of being left a spinster.

Will a wish made at the town well during a full moon ever be answered?

Max Long is the eldest son of a well-respected ranching family. His sister is Abigail’s best friend and also a friend to both him and his brother. He’d never thought of the tall, beautiful lady in that way.

Overhearing a conversation, he wonders if his feelings for Abigail could run deeper than mere friendship?

How will Max react when Abigail’s life is in danger?

Can the wishing well work its magic and bring her home safely?

Will a wish made at the town well during a full moon ever be answered?

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