Single Titles

A high school graduate.

A Special Forces Operative.

Friends their whole lives.

Or, were they?

Once upon a time……

It’s how every fairy-tale begins or, almost every fairy-tale.

My tale begins on the night of my prom, but would I capture my prince?

Would I have the happily ever after?

This book is set in the 1960s during the Vietnam War.

Can Bree help Jack adjust, come to terms with his nightmares or will he succumb to the darkness?
After suffering the horrors of war, Jack knew - coming home was never going to be easy.

Can four very different people sort out their differences and find happiness?


Trapped in the last century.

No trust in men.

Some of the things people said about Kathrin.



No trust in women.

Some of the things people said about Brett.

Can they break through each other’s barriers to become friends?

Anything more was unthinkable.
After all, they are Boss and Employee.

Will Brett realize his true feelings and take his very own Cinderella to the ball or will his best friend steal her from under his nose??

Aaronica Badensous is a criminal who runs guns and drugs. He needs to be in control.

Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is a successful Banking Executive.

Will Nicci give up everything to be with a man who he’s only just met?

When Courtney Rogers becomes their housekeeper, she finds herself trapped in their world of illicit drugs and crime. She rues the day she consented to move into their palatial home. 

When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Travis McMahon, and his partner, Elizabeth Wilson are called in on her case.  

Will Travis be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord and his lover?

Jack Parker wants a young woman he can educate to his way of life.

Nikita Forsyth is the only daughter of a possessive and over-protective Diplomat.

When Jack and Nikita come together at a society wedding, sparks fly but he resolves to give the fiery tempered lady a wide berth. He thinks she’s not worth his time so, why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Will Jack manage to educate Nikki or, will she be the one educating him?

Avery was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Is she doomed to suffer for the rest of her life at the hands of an unscrupulous club owner?

Destitute, in debt and on the brink of giving up, it’s the death of a friend who brings her hope.


Can Gabe help her turn her life around or, will she insist on solving a murder which could place her in grave danger?

Meet Kyle, a sexy, level-headed cowboy who also happens to be gay.

Luke is a police officer who was once the school football jock. He’s also gay.

After fifteen years apart, these men are set to meet again, but all is not as it seems.

Wires cross and misunderstanding has Luke running away, but Kyle has no intention of waiting another fifteen years for the man of his dreams.

Will these friends become lovers?

What is it that puts, Wendy, Kyle’s foreman in danger?

Lyndsay Richards is an experienced Park Ranger so, why is she missing in a National Park she knows as well as the back of her hand?

Rick Masters is a Detective, a man who had a huge crush on Lyndsay in high school. A poster showing she is missing brings secret memories flooding back. He is determined to find her.

Does Rick still have feelings for Lyndsay? Will this be his chance to capture the girl of his dreams?

Senior Detective Atoni Kinimaka and Senior Constable Lono Kapule are police officers called in to solve murder cases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

By day they solve crime, by night they pleasure each other.  

Kinimaka is the lead detective of Task Force, Akamai. Lono is the Senior Police Constable.

Theirs is a different, special love, but will their careers be placed in jeopardy when their secret is exposed?

Phoebe had been betrayed by her longtime lover.

Her life was falling apart until she met Lincoln and Alistair.

Two men very much in love. With each other!

They taught her what it was to be loved, cherished, adored.

But, how will they survive when tragedy strikes?

Aline Bennett-Miller had no interest in anything other than the law and her parents.

Xavier Pierce wanted Aline and was determined to have her.

Will she give a relationship a chance?

Will Xavier blow it by pushing too hard?

Imogen Walters is one classy Lawyer in the middle of prosecuting a murder case.

Aaron Jordan is a self-made billionaire thanks to a software computer company owned entirely by him.

When Imogen falls foul of the city Mayor and she is threatened by him and two of his thugs, will she walk away in one piece?

Can Aaron get revenge for the woman he loves more than anything else on earth?

What is it that pushes Imogen to breaking point?


A Strange Cult…………..

Will Detective, Flynn Mitchell and Forensic Pathologist, Lily Reid assemble the puzzle which solves the mystery of a young man’s death before it’s too late?

Set in a National Park in Canberra, Australia and Canberra Surrounds.

Emma has loved Cody all her life but he sees her only as his little sister's friend.

When she returns after four years away, nothing has changed.

Insisting on caring for Zoe who has been left in a wheelchair after an accident, Emma moves into the ranch.

How will she cope with the man of her dreams on a daily basis?

Will he realize his feelings too late?

My name is Kyan Miller and I have the ability to change into an Eagle and soar above the Earth.
Yep, you heard right – an Eagle.
A curse placed on the family in 1626 resulted in all the male members of my family having this unusual ability from the age of sixteen.
I work for the Government in Covert Operations.
I can obtain information, other operatives cannot.
This mission is one of my most dangerous to date.
The US is being flooded by Cocaine from South America and the Governments of these two countries are working together to put a stop to it. They have been receiving valuable intel from two US operatives.
Until .... one operative is found dead.
The other - Analia Rogers - is missing.
She has neither been seen, nor heard from, for three days,
We don’t know if she is dead or alive.
I have been sent into the Alvarez family’s drug compound to find the answer.
I’m on an inflexible deadline, in three days’ time, the compound will be blown to smithereens, but there are details the Governments aren’t aware of which could place their forces in danger.
Can I get the word out in time to prevent them from being slaughtered?
What I find inside the compound has my anger soaring to nuclear levels.
Am I in time? Is there anything I can do?
And, who has betrayed us?


What would cause a beautiful girl to display such hatred in a place of worship?

What is she hiding?

Why does every nerve in my body go on alert at the mere thought of being with her?


Is it possible there’s a man who isn’t revolted by me?

Will he run like everyone else?

Have I finally been given a chance at love?

Inga was a young girl of 13 when World War 2 broke out.

It was to change her entire life as it did for so many during this time.

Captured at 18 and interned in a POW camp in Germany, was the beginning of Hell for a young girl who had committed no crime.

Brutality. Rape. Torture. Disease. Inga suffered them all.

A True Story.

Three Alpha Brothers.

An ultimatum which risks their prized Christmas dinner.

Three Innocent Women.

How do all the pieces fit together?

There's a hell of a lot of steam.

Do you like your reads hot?

A Fairytale Retelling.

Luna Blue, a mermaid princess knew her future was somehow entwined with a human.

But how could they survive in each other’s world?

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