Georgina Wilson was happily married to a man she had been smitten with from the age of seventeen.

Her life was perfect in her young eyes.

In a town five hours away; Jesse Gray had never been happier.

So, what happened to devastate their lives and turn their worlds upside down?

Why did Jesse advertise for a mail-order bride, and what was it which urged Georgina to answer?

Will secrets they are keeping force them apart, or will those very secrets bring them closer together?

Flint Gray had watched his brother fall in love with his mail-order bride and decided it was time he settled down and made a future for himself.

With this thought in mind, he placed an advertisement for a bride of his own.

Adeleine Brown had suffered a great deal of tragedy in her young life, all she’d ever wanted was to be happy. When she is given an ultimatum regarding her future, she answers Flint's advertisement for a bride.

While Flint wants a wife to share his life and bear his children, Adeleine has ulterior motives.

How will Flint react when he is finally told about the secret she has been keeping?

Will it tear the young couple apart?