The Holiday Cottages are magical places, where those who come to Sprucewood, Colorado to “get away” find themselves and their hopes renewed, relationships kindled and dreams coming true.




The Holiday Cottages are magical places, where those who come to Sprucewood, Colorado to “get away” find themselves, and their hopes renewed, relationships kindled and dreams coming true.


Fed up with corporate life in Denver and the ‘boys club’ attitude where she works, Renae Caldwell resigns her job.

She has one month before she commences with a new company and intends to use it to rejuvenate herself.


When an advertisement for the Cottages Farm in Sprucewood catches her eye, Renae decides she will spend her vacation there in the clean air and peace of the mountains. She rents Mistletoe Cottage and falls in love with it at first sight.


Mason Flint is Sprucewood’s Fire Brigade Captain and loves living in this small mountain town a few hours from Denver. He’s a confirmed bachelor, happy with life.


Life for Mason will never be the same once he encounters the beautiful lady visiting from the city. Will she feel the same about him?


Will Renae’s life, and the lives of others, be threatened by an out of control arsonist, or will Mason find the perpetrator in time? And what part will the cottage play in Renae and Mason’s future?

Book 1:  Evergreen Cottage

by Teresa Ives Lilly

Shay Martin travels to the Holiday Cottage Farm to be alone, but after meeting trail ride instructor Dixon Jones, she's no longer sure she wants to be completely alone for the season.

Book 2:  Holly Bough Cottage

by Cindy Gunderson

With hearts raw from past wounds, Liv and Jonah's unexpected meeting at the Holly Bough Cottage during the most magical of times forces them to ask whether they are capable of loving and trusting again.

Book 3:  Silver Bells Cottage

by Kandice E. Geddes

Christmas fanatic and YouTube sensation Noelle Carroll and her sister escape to the Silver Bells Cottage from an obsessed fan.  Will the magic of Christmas be enough to save her and possibly set more than one heart free before it's too late?

Book 4:  Gingerbread Cottage

by Linda Baten Johnson

Carrie Highsmith rushes to the Gingerbread Cottage to secure a contract and her job, but faces a handsome obstacle in lawyer Matt Wilder, who remains one step ahead in her attempts to seal the agreement.

Book 5:  Nutcracker Cottage

by Stephanie Guerrero

Delivering a Christmas welcome basket to the Nutcracker Cottage brings Dr. Zachery Newcomb face to face with Cynthia Andrews, the woman he told could no longer dance professionally.  To rediscover joy, she shows him how to dance through life.

Book 6:  Sleigh Bell Cottage

by Allyson Carter

Destiny Adams is only supposed to take over her grandma's old quilt shop until she finds a new owner.  Running into her best friend's older brother Brad Freeman, who ran to Sleigh Bell Cottage to lick his wounds from a failed business deal, throws her for a snowball.  Can she leave and not have her heart broken or will Christmas magic shine on her?

Book 7:  Snowflake Cottage

by Linda Carroll-Bradd

On paper, Snowflake Cottage visitor Jada Beldane and single dad Graham Seaver are a horrible match.  But when the town's scheduled events throw them together, will they succumb to the holiday magic?

Book 8:  Sugar Cookies Cottage

by Parker J. Cole

When the scheming tactics of their son throws them together in the Sugar Cookies Cottage, Mortimer and Clarissa Jones begin to see that maybe their marriage has another opportunity for a second chance but will it survive the continued presence of the woman who tore them apart in the first place?

Book 9:  Candy Cane Cottage

by Nina Jayne

Ava Stoller is working on a life list.  Noah Carlson is working for a billionaire.  Neither one is prepared for what they find when she stays at the Candy Cane Cottage.

Book 11:  Sugarplum Cottage

by Lacie Doyle

When Anna Carmichael's kleptomaniac cat at the Sugarplum Cottage steals yet another pair of man's boxer shorts, she follows him, only to discover he's been pilfering from Colt Whittaker, her childhood crush. Can a chance reunion by a thieving feline lead to something more?