Multi Author sets


Miriam Gray resided in Finnegan, Kansas but when she is jilted by her fiancé in favour of her best friend, it’s the last place she wants to remain.

A chance meeting with an acquaintance, leads to her impulsively becoming a male order bride.

Jack Walker lives on a ranch in Rowland Falls, Texas and he’s in desperate need of a mail order bride.

When he breaks his leg, he finds himself laid up in bed, unable to travel.

Miriam refuses to travel to his ranch without an escort and doesn’t have anyone who can spare the time to accompany her.

Jack’s twin brother steps in to solve the dilemma, a proxy marriage takes place and he escorts his brother’s bride back to their ranch.

Will Jack and Miriam forge a connection, or will a foolish decision tear them apart?

The Wanted Series

Della Fisher is an actress on the run from something, or someone.

Oliver McGuire is attempting to mend his broken heart after the last actress to hit town up and left without a word. He’s not about to be taken in by another.

Despite their resolve to give each other a wide berth, their lives become entangled, but will Della’s past put Oliver’s life in grave danger?


PENELOPE NEWSTEAD is on the run from a cruel man who kidnapped her, she fears for her life.

CHARLIE McGUIRE is a young man ready to find the love of his life and settle down.

Charlie is prepared to break the law to keep Penelope hidden from the man who claims he ‘owns’ her, but When a Wanted poster is circulated, offering a reward for her return, he fears it may be more than he can handle alone.

Can Penelope be kept safe?
Will these two have a future together or will she have to run for her life?

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