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Ready for Phoenix Force?

Meet the team of 11 ladies fed up with red tape, corruption, and those who disregard the law.

Together, they are going to kick butt and give victims the justice they deserve.

The Prequel will introduce the ladies and whet your appetite for the books to come.

Each lady has a unique skill and the bad guys won’t know what has hit them until it’s too late.

Each Sunday, one author will reveal their cover and tell you a little more about their character.


The Prequel will be available for pre-order 15 November for release on 15 January 2022.

All books will be in KU.

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Book 2


Claire Marshall is an ex-Navy Seal.

Her last mission to Afghanistan almost tore her apart.

Fed up with the a**holes of the world getting a free pass, she decides it's past time for them to pay.

With her feet firmly back stateside, and with the help of a senior CIA Operative and General in Washington, a plan starts to hatch.


Their first mission? Afghanistan.

Time to pay the man, and his lackeys who have taken numerous innocent lives, a visit.

Payback is gonna be a Bitch!


Available for pre-order 21 January 2022 with release date of 4 February 2022

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Book 3

Mae has left the only place she considered home and the people who were the closest she’d ever had to having a family. It’s best she wasn’t with them. She’ll only cause them to be killed. Mae had failed before it would only be a matter of time until it happened again, then there would be more blood on her hands. She’ll never go back.

The unexpected can happen all too often when you were a bomb expert. Before she realises there’s more than one hidden bomb she needs to defuse, to stop her worst nightmares coming true.

Can she save her team and Tate and in doing so reconnected with the only skill she has?

Available for pre-order 4 March 2022 with release date of 18 March 2022

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Kelly's Justice - Suzi Love.jpg


Book 4

Riddles needs no help solving international security problems, but when someone with a personal agenda damages her reputation and threatens her life, she needs help. Swallowing her pride, she contacts her old nemesis. Grant is an expert on the politics of South Pacific countries and has the higher security clearances Riddles needs to uncover who is trying to destroy her new life.

Available for pre-order 25 March 2022 with release date of 8 April 2022

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Book 5

They say Death rides a pale horse. But they haven't seen anything until they see a US Marshall bent on revenge.

Available for pre-order 15 April 2022 with release date of 29 April 2022

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Book 6

I’m a distraction you don’t want to experience

Available for pre-order 6 May 2022 with release date of 20 May 2022

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Book 7

IWhen I lay you down to sleep you better pray the Lord wants your soul to keep.

Available for pre-order 27 May 2022 with release date of 10 June 2022

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Book 8

I'm the shadow you don't want chasing you

Available for pre-order 17 June 2022 with release date of 1 July 2022

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Book 9

Hell has a special place for people like me; people out for vengeance with nothing more to lose.

Available for pre-order 8 July 2022 with release date of 22 July 2022

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Book 10

Call sign – Ghost. You won’t see me coming.

Available for pre-order 29 July 2022 with release date of 12 August 2022

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Book 12

Even the Goddess of Love can't tamper down her revenge.

Available for pre-order 9 September  2022 with release date of 23 September 2022

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