Emma has always loved Cody, but he sees her as nothing more than his little sister’s friend. To him, she’s a stubborn, annoying, pain in the ass.

When the opportunity arises, she flees to Europe, hoping to get over the man who has always held a part of her heart.

Four years later, when she returns, she finds nothing between them has changed. While she loves Cody with every part of her being, it soon becomes clear he is barely able to tolerate her.

Insisting on caring for Zoe, who has been left in a wheelchair after an accident, Emma moves onto the ranch.

Cody confides to his foreman and ranch hand, his life with her there every day was about to become a living hell.

Arguments. Threats. Fights. Will these two ever strike an understanding that will allow everyone around them to relax?

Will Cody realize his feelings too late?

Will Emma’s Always become Forever?