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Cocky Flyboy


Tim Reisher is a debonair pilot with a cocky attitude.

He is well known throughout the airline community thanks to his penchant for beautiful women.

Melissa Hansen is a new member of the National crew with a past she is attempting to escape.

When the past does catch up, Tim finds himself caught in the middle.

Will the two bring an attacker to justice?

Will they lose their hearts to each other in the process?

A Cocky Hero Club Production inspired by PLAYBOY PILOT 

Falling for Piper


A high school graduate.

A Special Forces Operative.

Friends their whole lives.

Or, were they?


Once upon a time……

It’s how every fairy-tale begins or, almost every fairy-tale.

My tale begins on the night of my prom, but would I capture my prince?

Would I have the happily ever after?

Falling For Piper EBook.jpg
Finding Home e-book cover copy.jpg

Finding Home


Can Bree help Jack adjust, come to terms with his nightmares, or will he succumb to the darkness?
After suffering the horrors of war, Jack knew - coming home was never going to be easy.

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