My name is Kyan Miller and I have the ability to change into an Eagle and soar above the Earth.
Yep, you heard right – an Eagle.
A curse placed on the family in 1626 resulted in all the male members of my family having this unusual ability from the age of sixteen.
I work for the Government in Covert Operations.
I can obtain information, other operatives cannot.
This mission is one of my most dangerous to date.
The US is being flooded by Cocaine from South America and the Governments of these two countries are working together to put a stop to it. They have been receiving valuable intel from two US operatives.
Until .... one operative is found dead.
The other - Analia Rogers - is missing.
She has neither been seen, nor heard from, for three days,
We don’t know if she is dead or alive.
I have been sent into the Alvarez family’s drug compound to find the answer.
I’m on an inflexible deadline, in three days’ time, the compound will be blown to smithereens, but there are details the Governments aren’t aware of which could place their forces in danger.
Can I get the word out in time to prevent them from being slaughtered?
What I find inside the compound has my anger soaring to nuclear levels.
Am I in time? Is there anything I can do?
And, who has betrayed us?