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Annabel Vaughan is the pen name of Susan Horsnell USA Today Bestselling Author.

Books written under this pen name, commencing with Heartbreak in Hobart Town, will centre on the convict past and early settlement days of Australia. They will have a steam level of #2.

Extensive travel, research of heritage listed locations, will contribute to much of these books being factual but most characters will be fictional with no ties to any person now deceased. Only public figures with recorded history will be factual. 

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Heartbreak In Hobart Town Ebook.png

If you enjoy historical fact mixed with a beautiful love story, this is for you.

In the unforgiving landscape of Van Diemens Land, Millie finds herself burdened with the consequences of a childhood whim. At the tender age of 11, she was transported to the harsh and unfamiliar place, where hope dwindles with each passing day.

As the years pass, Millie endures cruel treatment and hardships, surrounded by a society that shows little mercy to those who have fallen from grace. Her spirit remains unyielding, but her heart yearns for kindness and compassion.

John, a man with a good heart and a strong sense of justice, crosses paths with Millie unexpectedly. Drawn to her vulnerability and resilience, he sees beyond the circumstances that have brought her to the desolate land. His acts of kindness and unwavering belief in her goodness gradually began to chip away at the walls Millie has built around herself.

However, Millie refuses to become a burden to John. She can't bear the thought of jeopardizing his reputation in the budding new community. Despite the growing affection between them, she refuses to allow John to become entangled in her web.

John is captivated by the strength that lies beneath Millie’s waif-like exterior and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her and keep her safe.

Amidst the struggles of their own hearts, a jealous rival emerges from the shadows. This adversary, fuelled by envy and spite, is determined to destroy any chance of happiness for Millie, and as events spiral out of control, she again finds her life hanging by a thread. Will John again prove to be her savior?

Will Millie finally allow herself to be loved?

A combination of factual history set against the backdrop of a harsh period in time in Van Diemens Land, Australia, and a story of love that conquers adversity.


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