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Pink Sand

The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride Series

A Journey for Evelyn Ebook.jpg
A Journey for Bonnie Ebook.jpg

A Journey for Evelyn

Release Date: 19 March 2024 

A Journey for Bonnie

Release Date: 14 May 2024

​​Book 13 and Book 17

Mail-Order Papa Series


A Cowboy for Corrine

​​Release: 4 December 2023

Corrine sat at her desk, her eyes fixed on the advertisement she had just finished drafting. The words poured out, a heartfelt plea for help disguised as a request for companionship.

After the loss of her husband, she found herself overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running a ranch and raising two young boys. She needed a partner, someone who could share the load and bring happiness back into their lives.

Waylon ‘Lonnie’ Cadogan had been a fisherman for years, and he was ready to move on and make changes in his life.
A chance flip through a magazine, left on the table of the boarding house where he lived, had him putting pen to paper and answering Corrine’s plea for a cowboy.

Fate seemed to bring these two together, but would an innocent omission finish them before they even got started?

​​​​​​​When a shadow from Corrine's past emerges, a dark cloud is cast over their newfound happiness. Will someone filled with resentment and jealousy, endanger her life and destroy their blossoming love?

A Cowboy for Corrine is a tale of love, resilience, and the courage to embrace change, even when life's twists and turns threaten to tear everything apart.

Mail-Order Mama Series

Mail-Order Mama.jpg

A Waitress for Wade

​​Wade Johnson is a man who runs a cattle ranch, five miles from the small town of Alexandar, Colorado. He’s struggling to raise three children alone after losing his wife in an influenza epidemic two years earlier.
Annalise Hudson is a woman happy in life. She works long hours in the family diner which she inherited when her m
ama and daddy were killed in a freak accident.
Wade’s eldest daughter thinks it’s about time he remarried, but he’s having none of her suggestions to advertise for a mail-order bride.
Annalise is forced to make a decision she wasn’t ready for when her world is tipped upside down.
Can these two make a life together when their meeting is based on deceit?

The Proxy Brides Series

A Bride for Jack.jpg

A Bride For Jack

​​Miriam Gray resides in Finnegan, Kansas but when she is jilted by her fiancé in favor of her best friend, it’s the last place she wants to remain.
A chance meeting with an acquaintance, leads to her impulsively becoming a mail-order bride.
Jack Walker lives on a ranch in Rowland Falls, Texas and he’s in desperate need of a mail order bride.
When he breaks his leg, he finds himself laid up in bed, unable to travel.
Miriam refuses to travel to his ranch without an escort and doesn’t have anyone who can spare the time to accompany her.
Jack’s twin brother steps in to solve the dilemma, a proxy marriage takes place and he escorts his brother’s bride back to their ranch.
Will Jack and Miriam forge a connection, or will a foolish decision tear them apart?

Christmas Rescue Series

Alistair's Rescue.jpg

Alistair's Rescue

​​Alistair Cronin and his brother, Teddy, two men from a large Texas ranching family dream of owning a ranch of their own.
They purchase one in Claxton, South Dakota with
money left to them by their grampa.
Expectations about their new venture are high and they are excited by the prospect of starting a new breeding program.
What they didn’t expect was to be ambushed, and for Alistair to be almost killed, a few miles from their new home.
Thankfully, neighboring ranchers take Alistair in and nurse him back to health.
Beautiful Peggy-Jean has returned home to her parents’ ranch after the tragic death of her husband. She needs their help while she grieves.
It’s not long before Alistair falls under her spell.
Will his capture by a madman end their courting before it even begins?
Or can his brother and their new friends rescue him before the killer strikes?

Mail-Order Bride Series


Bride of South Dakota

​​Cora, Bride of South Dakota is fortieth in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series.
This title can be read as a stand-alone.
Cora Ancelet’s father hates her.
When a fire ravages the factory where she works, her father orders her to find another source of employment or marry his evil political ally, a man old enough to be her grandfather.
After being handed a Grooms’ Gazette, Cora takes the desperate step of becoming a Mail Order Bride.
John Franklin wants a woman to wake up to. A woman who will love him and his ranch, and ultimately give him the children he craves.
Will placing an advertisement for a Mail Order Bride turn out to be the best decision he has ever made for both him and Cora or, is tragedy afoot?

Holiday Cottage Series

Mistletoe Cottage Small.jpg

Mistletoe Cottage

​​The Holiday Cottages are magical places, where those who come to Sprucewood, Colorado to “get away” find themselves, and their hopes renewed, relationships kindled, and dreams coming true.
Fed up with corporate life in Denver and the ‘boys club’ attitude where she works, Renae Caldwell resigns from her job.
She has one month before she commences with a new company and intends to use it to rejuvenate herself.
When an advertisement for the Cottages Farm in Sprucewood catches her eye, Renae decides she will spend her vacation there in the clean air and peace of the mountains. She rents Mistletoe Cottage and falls in love with it at first sight.
Mason Flint is Sprucewood’s Fire Brigade Captain and loves living in this small mountain town a few hours from Denver. He’s a confirmed bachelor, happy with life.
Life for Mason will never be the same once he encounters the beautiful lady visiting from the city. Will she feel the same about him?
Will Renae’s life, and the lives of others, be threatened by an out-of-control arsonist, or will Mason find the perpetrator in time? And what part will the cottage play in Renae and Mason’s future?


Mail-Order Bride Series

An Outlaw for Christmas.jpg

An Outlaw for Christmas

​​Sloane had traveled to the most dangerous town in South Dakota in order to become a mail-order bride, only to learn the man she was betrothed to had lied.
At the age of thirty-one, she was considered by most to be a dried-up spinster who would never achieve her dream of a husband and family.
Ronaldo is smitten with the beautiful blonde from the first time he sets eyes on her, and when her proposed marriage falls through, he takes it upon himself to court her.
Cloanne accepts Ronaldo's offers of dinner and looks forward to spending time with him each day, but all is not as it appears.
Is their growing attraction doomed to fail due to secrets and lies?
What will happen when Cloanne falls into the hands of a notorious outlaw?

Gold Rush
Bride Series

Bobby-Jo EBook.jpg


Gold Rush Brides Series

Bobby-Jo Fletcher is a woman raised by her father. He taught her to fish, shoot, and look out for herself.
Dallas Holt was in the right place at the right time. Or was he?
When these two meet, sparks fly, and both lives are turned upside down.
Can Dallas convince the spoiled fiery minx, used to getting her own way, that she no longer belongs in the goldfields of Alaska? Will he eventually give up and walk away?


Nursing the Soul Duet


Saving Gaige

Nursing the Soul Duet


Dr. Gaige Adams, a surgeon at a large hospital in Charleston, is lauded for his brilliance and ability to save lives. But all is not as it seems with this troubled man.

Amelia Cox is a nurse, posted to the same large hospital after completing her training. She is down to earth, independent and not afraid to take on any challenge thrown her way.

When she discovers Gaige is floundering, and  starting to doubt his ability to continue on in the medical field, she steps in and offers her help.

Will Gaige emerge from the darkness he has been trapped in for several years, or is Amelia losing her heart to a man destined to always be crippled by grief?

Rescuing Brayden EBook.jpg

Rescuing Brayden

Nursing the Soul Duet

Genevieve Masters, Ginny to her friends, has achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.

Following training in Baltimore at the Harrow School of Nursing, she secures a position caring for children at The Philadelphia Children’s Hospital.

It is here she meets the handsome, but troubled, Dr. Brayden Jenkins.

Can Ginny break down the carefully constructed walls surrounding Brayden’s heart, or is he destined to remain alone and  bitter?

Single Title

For the Love of Ruby EBook.jpg

For the Love of Ruby

Clint Maxwell and his men of the Lazy I ranch were honest, hardworking ranchers who looked out for people in their local community when times were tough.

So, what changes to put the woman he loves in grave danger and cause them all to become the most unlikely of outlaws?

Why are they robbing the bank in Beltane, 5 miles away and who will be caught up in their trap?

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