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Pocahontas and the Reluctant Brave

​​Loosely based on the fairytale - Pocahontas.
Atalia “Pochontas” Sweetwater is a savvy lawyer.
She is determined to better the life of her people, particularly the women.
She is loyal to the Howlani Indian tribe and proud of her ancestry.
Her father is Chief, she is a Princess.
Justus ‘Whitecloud’ Rivers is also a talented lawyer.
He is a man who likes to defend white men over Indians.
A man bitter about his past and his half caste ancestry.
A man who wants nothing to do with the Howlani or any other Indian tribe.
Then, he encounters Pocahontas and the world as he knows it is turned upside down.


The Cowboy's Calamity

​​The last thing Kyle Johnson needs is to look after a couple of rich, privileged brats who fancy a taste of ranch life.
He’s a rancher, not a babysitter.
Taylah Richards has lived in the big city all her life and hates it so, she can’t wait to unwind by spending two peaceful weeks on a ranch.
Arguments, accidents, and two men fighting over one girl – the fortnight is anything but peaceful.