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Rode Hard EBook.jpg

Kyle is a sexy, level-headed cowboy who’s keeping a secret from those he loves most.
Luke is a police officer and he’s also keeping a secret.

After fifteen years apart, these two men are set to meet again, but all is not as it seems.

Crossed wires, and a misunderstanding has Luke running away, but Kyle has no intention of waiting another fifteen years for the man of his dreams.

Will these once casual acquaintances become lovers?

Why are the people Kyle cares about keeping secrets?

Phoebe had been betrayed by her long-time lover.

Her life was falling apart until she met Lincoln and Alistair.

Two men very much in love.

With each other!

They taught her what it was to be loved, cherished, adored.

But, how will they survive when tragedy strikes?

After all, forever was never promised.


Aline Bennett-Miller had no interest in anything other than the law and her parents.

Xavier Pierce wanted Aline and he would do whatever it took to make her his.

Will she give a relationship a chance?

Has she already fallen for the handsome professor?

Or, will Xavier push too hard and cause her to run?

Rose Amongst Thorns.jpg
Destined to Shatter EBook.jpg

Four lives intertwined

Four lives that will be torn apart

Four lives that are Destined to Shatter

Aaronica Badensous is a criminal who runs guns and drugs. He needs to be in control.
Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is a successful Banking Executive.
Will Nicci give up everything to be with a man who he’s only just met?

When Courtney Rogers becomes their housekeeper, she finds herself trapped in their world of illicit drugs and crime. She rues the day she consented to move into their palatial home. 
When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Travis McMahon, and his partner, Elizabeth Wilson are called in on her case.  
Will Travis be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord and his lover?

JORDAN PHILLIPS, ex-military, now co-owns a security company with his ex-team leader.

He works covert operations, removing marks from foreign countries where government forces cannot go.

The last thing he wants to do is babysit an opinionated rock star.

DALLAS MUNROE is the opinionated rock star.

After a death threat, his manager beefs up security, by hiring Jordan's company.

Dallas is not impressed. He feels the threat is a hoax and the last thing he wants is a guard shadowing his every move.

Will these two ever get along and develop a relationship?

Who is behind the death threat, and is it for real?

Travel the cities of Australia as the band tours.

Meet up with the team from the Outback Australia Series when the band performs at a charity concert in Bourke, and learn what part they play in events as they unfold.

On Tour Ebook.png
Darkness to Light.jpg

To be rebranded

Senior Detective Atoni Kinimaka and Senior Constable Lono Kapule are police officers called in to solve murder cases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

By day they solve crime, by night they pleasure each other.  

Kinimaka is the lead detective of Task Force, Akamai. Lono is the Senior Police Constable.

Theirs is a different, special love, but will their careers be placed in jeopardy when their secret is exposed?

Love Hawaiian Style EBook.jpg
Learning to Trust Ebook.jpg

David was over men—period! He was tired of being someone’s lackey. Pushed around as though he was worth nothing more than the dirt under a shoe.

Andrew wasn’t looking for a relationship. He preferred to keep things casual. He was the one—maybe two—and done kind of man. So what was it about his neighbor that made him want to tie him to his bed and keep him there—Permanently?

Does Andrew have what David is looking for?

Is Andrew prepared to take a leap of faith and risk his heart?

Or will everything unravel over a misunderstanding?

Kennedy wasn’t looking for love, but it seems fate had other ideas.

When he accepts a job as a ranch hand on a property a few miles from the city of Rogue Bay, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.

From the moment he sets eyes on his rancher boss, he knows he’s in a kind of trouble he’s never been in before.

Blaidyn is happy as a single man, running the ranch that has been in his family for decades.

The last thing he expected was to have his world knocked off its axis by a sexy drifter.

Will these men accept fate has thrown them together?

Will they accept it was meant to be?

IT WAS MEANT TO BE  ebook.jpg
An Unexpected Gift AND Seventy One ebook.png


Mason lived with his family on a property in Queensland, Australia. It was a cattle property he loved. Where his heart and future both lay. A future he hoped would have his best friend by his side.

Corey was a town kid. A restless soul. Confused and unhappy with life. He was Mason’s best friend and the two spent hours riding and working the Peterson property together.

So why did Corey suddenly up and join the army at the tender age of seventeen?

What was the secret he harboured?

Eleven years pass before Corey arrives back in town. Eleven years of Mason hearing nothing about the man.

Would Corey’s secret be revealed and can Mason forgive him for the heartbreak his leaving caused?


Damien and Logan had been best friends since starting high school seventeen years earlier.

They were two young men who did everything together.

Damien was the loving son of parents who had always shown him unconditional love, while judgmental and biased parents raised Logan.

At fourteen and feeling confident of his friend’s acceptance, Logan confessed to Damien that he was gay. He also vowed that he would never disrespect his straight best friend by hitting on him.

As the years passed, Logan hid his true feelings for Damien, not willing to jeopardize their close friendship.

But when a tragedy reveals how Damien really feels about his best friend, will Logan lower his walls and take what he’s always wanted?

Note: Both stories are set in Australia and are written in Australian English.

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