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The Masterton Brothers


Using an undeveloped country as a cover, the Masterton Brothers, who operate as the Kumul Cartel, conduct business with next to no chance of being caught.

Or so they thought…

Their lives are turned upside down when someone betrays their operation and pushes them to the brink of destruction.




And crazy suspicions.

Three beautiful women will bring the brothers to their knees, but will their steamy hot relationships crumble more than their family’s legacy?

Property of Benvolio





When Elijah Ashe becomes indebted to Enzo Abruzzenesa—the Don of a powerful mafia family, an agreement is made for repayment to take place in the future.

Two decades later, the time has come, and Enzo calls in Elijah’s debt.

Nikita Ashe would rather see both men rot in hell before she is forced into marriage with a stranger—Or so she thought.

She will not be a party to the conditions of a draconian agreement sealed on a handshake between two chauvinistic men.

Benvolio Abruzzenesa was raised knowing Nikita Ashe would become his property, and when the time came, he would have no choice but to honour his father's order to take her as his wife. He did everything in his power to change the terms of the agreement, but his father stood firm.

How were two people, who hated each other on sight, supposed to accept and weather a marriage made in hell?

Despite how they both felt, they realised they were powerless to refuse the demands of their fathers.

Benvolio’s refusal would bring his father, and their family, humiliation in the mafia world.

Nikita’s refusal would seal her father's fate and he would face death on Enzo’s orders.

Although the situation was not one of their making, the marriage takes place and  Nikita becomes known in the dark underworld as 'The Property of Benvolio.’ Word spreads that she is not to be touched, but the wife of a future Don proves to be the opportunity enemies have been waiting for and when her life is in danger it’s a race against time.

Set in Australia and written in Australian English.

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